2015 Races

The inaugural Wildcat 100 Ultramarathon races were held January 3-5, 2015 on the track at Booker T. Washington High School in Pensacola, Florida.  All four USATF-sanctioned races began at 8:00 AM Central Standard Time on the USATF-certified (FL14144EBM) 397.851-meter rubberized asphalt track.  A 48-hour race, a 24-hour race, a 100-mile race and a 100K race were held, with the time cutoffs of the 100-mile and 100K set at 48 hours.

The weather was cool (daytime temperatures in the low 60s), cloudy and breezy for much of the race, with the exception of a two-hour period from 2:30 AM until 4:30 AM Sunday morning January 4 when an intense storm passed through the area.  Driving rain, frequent lightning and gale-force winds drove most runners off the track, and brought in cooler temperatures.  Sunday evening into Monday morning brought temperatures in the low 40s with strong winds that made it seem even colder.  The final runner reached her goal at 4:21 AM Monday morning, meaning no one went the full 48 hours.  None of the 24-hour runners went the full 24-hours.

Results are posted as follows – each race has both a ‘Summary’ display as well as a ‘Lap-by-Lap’ split-time display.  The Summary results are a top-to-bottom listing of each runner’s performance in the selected race, while the lap-by-lap results show each runner’s time for each lap he or she ran.  Every fifth lap in this compilation is shown as 0.248 miles, while the other four are shown as 0.247 miles, since the lap distance used in the results was 0.2472 miles, and the scoring software used to process and display the results only goes to three decimal places.

48-Hour Summary –  Wildcat 100 48-Hour Summary

48-Hour Lap-by-Lap Splits –  Wildcat 100 48-Hour Lap-by-Lap Splits

24-Hour Summary –  Wildcat 100 24-Hour Summary

24-Hour Lap-by-Lap Splits –  Wildcat 100 24-Hour Lap-by-Lap Splits

100-Mile Summary –  Wildcat 100-Mile Summary

100-Mile Lap-by-Lap Splits –  Wildcat 100-Mile Lap-by-Lap Splits

100K Summary –  Wildcat 100K Summary

100K Lap-by-Lap Splits –  Wildcat 100K Lap-by-Lap Splits