The 2015 edition of the That Dam Hill races began at 8:05:00 AM the morning of September 19,2015, and finished Sunday morning, September 20, 2015.

NOTE:  Results are not considered final until they have been reviewed for accuracy.  Final results will be declared no later than Wednesday September 23.

Preliminary results are shown below.  Partial final lap distances are included for the 3, 6, 12 and 24-hour races.



Summary –  24-Hour Summary

Lap-By-Lap Splits –  24-Hour Lap-By-Lap

Age Group –  24-Hour Age Group


Summary –  12-Hour Summary

Lap-by-Lap Splits –  12-Hour Lap-By-Lap

Age Group –  12-Hour Age Group


Summary –  6-Hour Summary

Lap-By-Lap Splits –  6-Hour Lap-By-Lap

Age Group –  6-Hour Age Group


Summary –  3-Hour Summary

Lap-By-Lap Splits –  3-Hour Lap-By-Lap

Age Group –  3-Hour Age Group


100-Mile Results –  100-Mile Final

100-Mile Lap-By-Lap Splits –  100-Mile Lap-By-Lap Splits

100K Results –  100K Final

100K Lap-By-Lap Splits –  100K Lap-By-Lap Splits

50-Mile Results –  50-Mile Final

50-Mile Lap-By-Lap Splits –  50-Mile Lap-By-Lap Splits

50K Results –  50K Final

50K Lap-By-Lap Splits –  50K Lap-By-Lap Splits

Marathon Results –  Marathon Final

Marathon Lap-By-Lap Split Times –  Marathon Lap-By-Lap Splits

Half Marathon Results –  Half Marathon Final

Half Marathon Lap-By-Lap Split Times –  Half Marathon Lap-By-Lap


2014 Results

The 2014 edition of the That Dam Hill races was held on September 20, 2014.  Complete results are shown below.  The results labeled ‘Summary’ are a top-to-bottom list of all finishers in that race, separated by gender, with total distance or time shown.  The results labeled ‘Splits’ are the lap-by-lap split times for each runner in that race.  In the Fixed-Time events, partial-lap mileage has been added for those who ran until time ran out.


3-Hour Summary –  Dam Hill 3-Hour

3-Hour Splits – Dam Hill 3-Hour Splits

6-Hour Summary –  Dam Hill 6-Hour

6-Hour Splits –  Dam Hill 6-Hour Splits

12-Hour Summary –  Dam Hill 12-Hour

12-Hour Splits –  Dam Hill 12-Hour Splits


Half-Marathon Summary –  Dam Hill Half Marathon

Half-Marathon Splits –  Dam Hill Half Mar Splits

Marathon Summary –  Dam Hill Marathon

Marathon Splits –  Dam Hill Mar Splits

50K Summary –  Dam Hill 50K

50K Splits –  Dam Hill 50K Splits

50-Mile Summary –  Dam Hill 50 Mile

50-Mile Splits –  Dam Hill 50M Splits

100K Summary –  Dam Hill 100K

100K Splits –  Dam Hill 100K Splits

100-Mile Summary –  Dam Hill 100Mile

100-Mile Splits –  Dam Hill 100M Splits