Preliminary results for the Outrun 24-Hour race will be posted here once the race begins.  Please click on the following links to view them:

Runner List By Name

Runner List By Bib

Live Results – this shows the latest runners to cross the start/finish line in real time, during the race

Finishers List – top-to-bottom listing for all finishers

Top Finishers – Top three male and female finishers

Lap Split Times – a listing of each lap split time run for each runner

Lap Details – Lap Statistics

100-Mile Split Time – the 100-Mile split time for any runner who reached 100 miles before the race ended

Endurance Award – a list of all runners who meet the ‘Endurance’ qualifications set by the Race Director on the website

Outrun 24 takes place in the Chapin Forest Reservation, in Kirtland, Ohio, just east of Cleveland.  The race begins at 8:00 AM Saturday, April 29, 2017.