2017 – Interim preliminary results will be posted here, beginning at 10:00 PM Central Daylight Time (2200 hours) Thursday, August 31 when Dan Baglione, 86, steps onto the course to start the race.  Live results will be online the entire time of the race, with links posted below.

Runner List by Bib

Runner List Alphabetical

Last Finishers – this report shows the last runners to cross the finish line, in real time

Overall Finishers –  Top-to-Bottom list of all runners

Finishers by Gender – Top-to-Bottom list, split by Gender

Lap-By-Lap Split Times –  Lap split times for each runner


2016 –  Final results

Overall Finishers

Finishers by Gender

Lap-By-Lap Results



The inaugural A Race For The Ages ultramarathon started at 6:00 AM Friday morning, September 4, when 84-year-old Dan Baglione crossed the starting line on his way to 84 hours of running and walking the USATF-certified 1.000-mile loop course in Fred Deadman Park, Manchester, Tennessee.  Pretty much every hour after that, more runners will step onto the course in a unique age-graded race format (runners will have the same number of hours to run as they have years of life).

Final Results –  ARFTAFinal

Lap-By-Lap Split Times –  ARFTASplits

100-Mile Split Times –  100-Mile Split Time

100-Mile Split Lap-By-Lap –  100-Mile Split LapbyLap