2017 – Final 2017 Results are posted at the links shown below.  The race began at 1:00 AM Friday morning, September 1, when Ed Demoney stepped onto the USATF-certified 1.00-Mile course in Fred Deadman Park, Manchester Tennessee, to begin his race.  Congratulations to all who ran!

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2016 –  Final results

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The inaugural A Race For The Ages ultramarathon started at 6:00 AM Friday morning, September 4, when 84-year-old Dan Baglione crossed the starting line on his way to 84 hours of running and walking the USATF-certified 1.000-mile loop course in Fred Deadman Park, Manchester, Tennessee.  Pretty much every hour after that, more runners will step onto the course in a unique age-graded race format (runners will have the same number of hours to run as they have years of life).

Final Results –  ARFTAFinal

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