Complete Final Results for the inaugural Lighthouse 100 Ultramarathon races are now posted.  Please click on the following links to view them:

Entrant List

100M Last Location – this report shows where a 100M runner is on the course

50M Last Location – this report shows where a 50M runner is on the course

100M Finish List

50M Finish List

100-Mile Awards

50-Mile Awards

100-Mile Age Group Results

50-Mile Age Group Results

The 100-Mile race began at 6:03:49 AM Saturday morning, June 10 at the lighthouse in Petosky, Michigan, and it finished 100 miles south at the lighthouse in Traverse City, Michigan.  There was a 30-hour cutoff for the race.  Intermediate timing points for the 100-Mile were posted live online throughout the race, at 11.5 miles, 30.2 miles, 51.4 miles, 69.6 miles, 79.1 miles, 91.3 miles, and 96.0 miles.  Intermediate timing points for the 50-Mile race were at 19.6 miles, 29.1 miles, 41.3 miles and 46.0 miles.  The 50-Mile race started at 12:03:49 PM Saturday, and finished at the same location as the 100-Mile race.