Complete final results for the Icarus Florida Ultrafest races are now posted – please click on the following links to view them:

Runner Entry List

Overall Results

Results By Gender  – this report also shows fastest, average and slowest lap time

Lap-By-Lap Splits – this report shows the time of each lap for every runner.  If the runner’s finish time is exactly the time of the race (144:00:00 for the 6-day, or 72:00:00 for the 72-Hour, for example) it means that runner ran until time ran out, and the final lap split time shown in this report will be the partial-lap time that runner ran.

All races took place inside Snyder Park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, located about 1.3 miles from the Fort Lauderdale International Airport.  The 6-Day race began at 9:00 AM Monday morning, November 13, 2017.  The 72-Hour race began Thursday November 16 at 9:00 AM, the 48-Hour began Friday November 17 at 9:00 AM, the 24-Hour and the 12-Hour races began Saturday November 18 at 9:00 AM.