Preliminary interim results for the inaugural FASTtrack 24-Hour race will be posted here as results become available.  Click on the following links to view them:

Entrant List

Last Finishers – this report shows the last runners to cross the start/finish line

Overall Results

Gender Results – this report also shows fastest, average and slowest lap time for each runner

Lap Details – this report shows the lap-by-lap split times for each runner

FASTtrack 24-Hour races include a 24-Hour, a 12-Hour and a 6-Hour race and takes place on January 20-21, 2018.  All races are held on the track at Palatka High School in Palatka, Florida.  Palatka is about an hour southwest of Jacksonville.  The 24-Hour and 6-Hour races begin at 8:00 AM Saturday, January 20, while the 12-Hour race begins at 8:00 PM Saturday evening January 20.