24-Hour Run Final Results –  AMH24hrSum

Lap-By-Lap split times for 24-Hour race –  AMH24hrFinal

9-Hour 11-Minutes Run Final Results –  AMH9hrSum

Lap-By-Lap split times for 9-Hour 11-Minute Run –  AMH9hrFinal

Marathon Run Final Results –  AMHmarathonsum

Lap-By-Lap Results for Marathon –  AMHmarathonFinal

Half Marathon Final Results –  AMHhalfSum

Lap-By-Lap Half Marathon Results –  AMHhalfFinal

9.11-Mile Run Final Results –  AMH911Sum

Lap-By-Lap Results 9.11-Mile Run –  AMH911Final

5K Run Final Results –  AMH5Ksum

Lap-By-Lap 5K Results –  AMH5KFinal


The 24-Hour race started at 4:11 PM Mountain Time in Rogers Grove park in Longmont, Colorado on Sept 12, 2014.

Final Results for the 24-Hour race:

24-Hour Summary –  AmHero24Hr

24-Hour Lap-By-Lap Splits – AmHero24HrSplit

24-Hour results at the 12-Hour (Halfway) point:

Summary – AmHero12Hr

Lap-By-Lap Splits – AmHero12HrSplit

Final Results of the 9-Hour 11-Minute Race:

9-Hour 11-Minute Run Summary –AmHero9Hr

9-Hour 11-Minute Run Lap-By-Lap –  AmHero9HrSplit

Final Results for the following races:

Marathon Summary –  AmHeroMar

Marathon Lap-By-Lap Splits –  AmHeroMarSplit

Half-Marathon Summary – AmHeroHMar

Half-Marathon Lap-By-Lap Splits – AmHeroHMarSplit

9.11-Mile Run Summary – AmHero911

9.11-Mile Run Lap-By-Lap Splits – AmHero911Splits

5K Run Summary – AmHero5K

5K Run Lap-By-Lap Splits – AmHero5KSplit