Click on the links shown below to view lap-by-lap split times for each of the 2013 Peanut Island races.  Partial lap mileages are shown at the bottom of this page.  The fastest split time recorded for the 1.2345-mile loop was run by Sergio Radovcic of West Palm Beach FL in 8:24, which is a 6:46 minuter per mile pace.  The longest lap time of 10:58:30 was recorded by Anna Vitalis of League City TX.

24-Hour race –  2013 Peanut Island 24-Hour race lap split times

Combined 12-Hour races –  2013 Peanut Island 12-Hour race lap splits times

Combined 6-Hour races –  2013 Peanut Island 6-Hour race lap splits times

Partial-lap mileage:

6-Hour races:

Name Bib No Gen/Age Miles
Kimberly Battipaglia 202 F/41 0.9648
Anita Allen 208 F/58 0.6071
Dmitry Kozlov 201 M/39 0.6693
Timmy Aquino 205 M/45 0.2015
Todd Varney 206 M/42 0.3647

12-Hour races:

Name Bib No Gen/Age Miles
Ruth Stilwell 101 F/45 0.348

24-Hour race:


24-Hour   Race      
Name Bib No Gen/Age Miles
Lana Kovarik 37 F/43 0.110
Allan Perez 15 M/55 0.920
Daniel Jones 23 M/43 0.228
Anteneh Berhane 22 M/34 0.163
Richard Ellis 38 M/47 0.165
Tatsunori Suzuki 44 M/44 0.298
Donald Johnson 35 M/31 1.178
Jeff Russell 16 M/53 0.300